Each birthday deserves its special cookies…

Each birthday deserves its special cookies..…. or how to personalize your celebration with custom cookies which reflect the guest of honor’s spirit, hobbies, job and favorite things! That is what we do here at Sweettablescapes; With royal icing as our main medium (but we also use fondant, edible paint or sprinkles) we recreate pretty much anything onto a cookie; one of our recent orders was for a man who worked in a big red truck but had a weakness for Corvettes; so we made his two favorite modes of transportation into cookies!!

These ultra-custom favors were just perfect for his birthday celebration!

If you want to stay with the classics, then by all means, choose some balloons and party hats or some champagne glasses…

Then when a 4-year old Barbie lover celebrates her birthday, nothing says “girly” like some pink mini cookies with her name and her favorite doll’s profile…

And for an older lady who’s still quite stylish and fun -loving, a colorful mix does the job!!

No matter what or who we celebrate. decorated cookies deliver a sweet. colorful, personal AND delicious message! Order NOW for your next special moment!!

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