“Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see” or “A cookie Story”

When a client recently requested cookies based on Eric Carle’s book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?”, we got really excited. If SWEETTABLESCAPES enjoys making and decorating very single cookie, it is always a real pleasure to tackle an original project. Most of us have read Carle’s books to our young kids and are familiar with his colorful illustrations and their “painted” look. I knew right away that I would try and replicate his style on my cookies…

Firs, I dug out every cookie cutter I had of the corresponding animals; not all were in the exact position but they still worked pretty well, then I iced the background in a solid color and proceeded with accents by brush. Edible food coloring can be used just like paint, diluted if necessary with some alcohol (which evaporates immediately) and it worked beautifully, don’t you think.

The teacher who ordered these for a bilingual school, was having a reading with parents. The kids were showing off they newly learned colors and animals..and in the end, everyone shared the cookies! What a great idea!!

Here are the different pages of the book:

Who says you can’t read your book and eat it too? LOL


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