Chessboard Cookie: Winner eats all!!

When a recent request for a special birthday cookie came in, the original themes were squash racket, drums and chess….Well, well..We thankfully narrowed it down to 2 ideas and thus was this giant cookie chessboard born…img_0009

SWEETTABLESCAPES simply integrated the drums as makeshift “pawns” and presto, the Birthday boy was very happy!!

We made small 1-inch squares for the pieces and doubled them up for the “main” row. They were decorated with each shape: King, Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight and 8 mini drums represented the pawns.

We then proceeded to bake a very large (about 11 x 11 inches wide) square cookieimg_0002and decorated it with the black and white chessboard, That was a time-consuming task with drawing some lines first with an edible markerimg_0003and then icing each square.img_0004


We finally added a decorative border and voila…ready to play!!




Check Mate!!


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