French summer: a dessert fantasy!!

Just back from my annual visit to family and friends in the homeland…and I am salivating all over again, going through pictures of our food and dessert orgy! Well, not exactly. We do exercise self-control and don’t indulge at every meal…but to be honest, it is a bit of a challenge when every ‘boulangerie” and “patisserie” window beckons you with their baguettes, pains au chocolat, tarts, cakes, petits fours and other delicious-looking treats!

So, I want to share some of these so you fully realize what you must deal with when spending time in “la douce France”…

Breakfast at a B&B:

Mini caneles, brioche, baguette, a huge basket of pains au chocolate, apple turnovers and other “viennoiserie”, plus a vast selection of jams and honey…

IMG_2689 IMG_2690 IMG_2691 IMG_2692

Visit of “la Grande Epicerie du Bon Marche” in Paris ( a must if you are looking for adorably-packaged goodies to bring back for family and friends; they will be eternally thankful):

Chocolate bars, cookies, sugar, candy, jordan almonds…just a few of the many treats…

IMG_2737 IMG_2729 IMG_2724 FullSizeRender IMG_2727 IMG_2723

And if you got to Lyon, my home town, visit Pignol bakery and try to not get dizzy with the selection:





Dessert time: “Ile flottante” (Floating Island), lemon-Meringue tart, Raspberry crumble, Ice-cream, Apple tart…the list goes on and on…


FullSizeRender 6







When friends entertain you, it’s more of same: Strawberry Cake (Fraisier), Frangipane Raspberry tart and Apricot tart…

FullSizeRender 4


FullSizeRender 3

And our grand finale at the one-Michelin star restaurant in Vaux-enBeaujolais (better known for its novel counterpart “Clochemerle”), the well-named “Auberge de Clochemerle“…beautiful hotel and delicious food:

Lemon Sabayon with fresh herb ice-cream…


Apricot and Peach plate with an Apricot nectar fizz…


The mignardises plate with Sesame Snaps, Mango Fruit Paste, Passion Fruit and Pistachio bites, Chocolate Caramel truffles and Chocolate Puffs..



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