Ultra-mini cookies for “Confetti Favors”

At SWEETTABLESCAPES, we’re always looking for new and unique ways of bringing sweetness to everyone’s life. We bake cookies all week long but wanted to come up with yet another cute way to make them truly fun and special. That’s when we came up with our “confetti” cookies. IMG_0007They are about the size of a penny (give or take) and can be iced and sprinkled in pretty much any color ! Which makes them perfect to match your party colors ! And perfect to munch on! They’re like an ultra-mini snack, almost too cute to eat!

And then to make it really special, we are packaging them in these great acrylic boxes, wrapped in washi tape and topped with a custom label! FAVORS FOR EVERY OCCASION!!!

Check these out and get inspired for your next event:


IMG_0003 IMG_0004

birthday!IMG_0005 IMG_0006

and more!

We can also package them into a “push-pop” container for another fun look:





If you prefer….you can  choose to fill up your box or “pop” with your favorite candy!!

Having a barnyard party?

Use some cow and pig gummies!!

image-126677 gummy-pigs-129786-wSimply celebrating the season?

Use flowers or butterflies!!

gummi-awesome-blossoms-candy-flowers-129728 mini-gummi-butterflies-candy-129231-w

Is it time for a shower or wedding?

How about some Jordan almonds or Champagne bubbles?

icon-125065 champagne-bubbles-gumdrops-candy-ff-w

For a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Back to School event, choose these Hebrew or Alphabet gummies!

hebrew-alphabet-gummy-letters-candy-133612-ff haribo-gummi-alphabet-letters-125853-im

We think you can pretty much create your very own, unique, fun and delicious favor and fill it with candy or confetti cookies for a lovely little gift!


Boxes are 2  5/16 X 2  5/16 squares and 3  1/16 high (contain approximately 4 oz cookies and 6 oz candy, depending on size and weight of candy)

Push-pops are 3  3/4 X 1  3/4 cylinders. (contain approximately 2 oz cookies and 5 oz candy)

Message or call us for pricing!

We made a bunch of those for Mother’s Day packages…






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