Gentleman’s Birthday Cookies

We make a lot of “sweet” cookies here at Sweettablescapes, pardon the pun! They are quite often meant for children or young ladies, baby or bridal showers and weddings, but much less so for gentlemen. And that is certainly not to mean that the men in our lives don’t enjoy their treats…but for some reason, we don’t make as many goodies for men as we do for women; so it was with great excitement and trepidation that Sweettablescapes recently created two cookies for a Frank Sinatra cigar-loving fan, celebrating his birthday!!!

So you guessed it, we made some cigars and a sheet-music cookie of Frank’s famous song “My Way” (which, as every French person will proudly remind you, was originally written and sung by a famous French singer, Claude Francois, under the title “Comme d’habitude” – As usual- and became a hit in France. Yes, yes it is true!!)

Here are these gentlemen’s cookies:



Our musician followers will notice that the notes are indeed the melody for “My Way”.

And here are some nice Cohiba cigars!!!

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

And a bonus set just for the birthday boy!!



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