Chocolate anyone? A Round-up for Valentine’s Day

After the Christmas rush, comes the Valentine’s Day chocolate overdose! We all have our favorites, a bag or box of which is safely tucked in a drawer or cabinet somewhere in the house. But for the ultimate chocolate fest, the can-you-top-this cocoa bean orgy, you must find the out-of-the-ordinary confection which will impress your sweetheart or recipient. Not only must your chocolate taste out-of-this-world, but it must also look really rad!

SWEETTABLESCAPES has rounded up a few of these for you to choose from. They’re looking way too beautiful to eat!!

If this is not enough of a selection, check a prior round-up here!


Number One: Maggie Louise Confections

For that stylish girl you know, how about their ultra feminine Chocolate Charm boxes?

CharmBoxGlowonWhiteNumber Two: Marcie Blaine Artisanal Chocolates

Their chocolate transfer collection will allow for some pretty cool custom designs and if you’re from Philadelphia or your sweetheart is, their Philadelphia Series is particularly apt:


Number Three: Lesley’s Gourmet

If you’re not only a chocolate afficionado but also an art lover, look no further and order this company’s Chocol’Art, hand-decorated by an artist: (special item, contact them here for more info)

Here is what the website says: “Lesley, in collaboration with acclaimed Seattle artists Juan Carlos Castellanos and Laura Castellanos, is now offering a unique opportunity for the ultimate indulgence…original art in edible form. Each Original is hand painted with edible coloring by Juan Carlos or Laura onto Lesley’s blend of Michel Cluizel’s chocolate. By combining both fine artisan chocolate and fine art, Lesley, Juan Carlos and Laura invite you to celebrate this amazing union of art and chocolate and share in the culinary and artistic partnership of taste and imagination – a truly one of a kind experience.”

Number Four: Richart Chocolates

Originally from my hometown of Lyon, France, these beautiful confections also come in an array of flavors and all look like perfect little gems:

Try their Spiced Chocolate for an added kick!


Number Five: Compartes Chocolates

Last but certainly not least, with stunning collections of truffles (over 100 flavors including Smoked Sea Salt, Honey Peanut Butter or Meyer lemon Lavender) and bars, this company focuses on design and makes gorgeous gourmet products! Check them out!

A Valentine's Day box!
A Valentine’s Day box!














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