How MLK Day cookies became Freedom of Speech Cookies…

Sweettablescapes was looking for ideas for Martin Luther King cookies when we found this beautiful picture of cookies created by Melissa Joy of (see her post here):

Photo from
Photo from

Needless to say, her take on the “I have dream” speech is incredibly inventive and moving.

But today, in view of world events and what happened in my homeland a week ago, I wanted to add to the picture, so to speak, and very modestly elaborated on Melissa’s beautiful idea.

So I made these, in the hope that someday , the color of our skins, our personal beliefs and religion will no longer be construed as immediate danger and offense:


Baking can be seen as a trivial pursuit and it is a simple and mundane task, but sometimes, even cookies can deliver a powerful message of love, peace, harmony and understanding.

Please share this post with your friends to spread a sweet message of concord and friendship for all people. And if we are all Charlie, LET US NOT FORGET that we are also all suffering for Nigerian victims.

IMG_8949IMG_8952 IMG_8953 IMG_8954


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  1. Elisa Schwartz says:

    What a lovely idea!

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