Holiday Cookies Roundup: having fun with your dough!

Sugar cookie dough allows you to create pretty much any cookie. Once you’ve cut your shapes and baked, then begins the fun of decorating…At Sweettablescapes, we thrive on the creative joy of icing cookies and sharing the results with friends and family. The holidays are a particularly meaningful moment to share all things sweet and to show people you care with just a few baked goods.

December is a sweet-filled month and whether Hannukah or Christmas, we usually have plenty of occasions to bake for. Let’s not forget New-Years eve! and how about Birthday Snowmen?

Here are a few of our 2014 creations…Enjoy!

Hannukah Cookies:

IMG_8746IMG_8747IMG_8748IMG_8751If your birthday coincides with Hannukah…some festive snowmen!!

IMG_8766IMG_8762IMG_8763Winter / Christmas Cookies:



IMG_8753and get ready for New Year’s:





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