2014 Halloween Treats Roundup

As usual, this time of year, SWEETTABLESCAPES is totally focused on Halloween treats and favors for all sorts of parties and giveaways.

This year, we had fun creating some 3D cookies that are perfect as table decor, standing on a platter:


The adorable scarecrow might very well make it onto our Thanksgiving dessert table!!

For those of us willing to go a bit more gory or if you’re a fan of the Walking Dead, these spooky zombies are for you:

IMG_8406and as always, our traditional cookies and popular Minis:IMG_8409


More Minis...
More Minis…

IMG_8411and for our annual Halloween Goodie Bag, some chocolate-dipped pretzels,

IMG_8415chewy eyeball gumballs,

IMG_8414candy jars,

IMG_8416cinnamon marshmallows,

IMG_8413and fun Halloween Confetti Surprise pops!

IMG_8417and for good measure, some more cookies!!IMG_8418


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