Halloween Dessert Table: It’s scary in the woods…

October means one thing and one thing only for SWEETTABLESCAPES: Halloween is here! and it is now the final countdown to the scariest night of the year!!!

This year, we created a SCARY table bringing us back to one of those terrifying childhood nightmare: “lost in the woods”. Spooky creatures, poison apples, dark cakepops and black candy all contribute to the perfect atmosphere.

Halloween does not have to be orange and black every year and it is a holiday that lends itself to the wildest imagination, Here, Sweettablescapes got its inspiration from the built-with-twigs “SCARY” banner and stayed with a black, brown and wood-inspired palette. We used wooden and twig stands as well as wicker trays to fit the theme. Only the white of the eyeball-gumballs lightens the decor a bit and some red accents evoke blood. But any choice is fine as long as all your desserts have that scary vibe and a unified theme.



Dark, bug-infested poison apples! DO YOU DARE BITE INTO ONE??
Dark, bug-infested poison apples! DO YOU DARE BITE INTO ONE??
Weird, black cakepops...
Weird, black cakepops…


Eyeballs gumballs!!
Eyeballs gumballs!!
Chocolate Babka/ twisted log....
Chocolate Babka/ twisted log….
Woodland creatures and spooky vegetation...
Woodland creatures and spooky vegetation…
Biscotti and brownies!!
Biscotti and brownies!!



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