Mother’s Day : tell her with flowers..or flower cookies!

Can’t believe another year has gone by and the very special day for the very special ladies in our lives is upon us!! Mother’s Day means that all our love is pouring out and that nothing but extra special care is given to our offerings.

Whether  breakfast in bed fixed by a toddler with Daddy’s help or a noddle necklace made by a Kindergartner, or a poem written by a teenager, or a magnificent piece of jewelry, the gifts we bestow on our mothers for the occasion are saying one thing and one thing only: Mom, I love you!

SWEETTABLESCAPES always tries to combine the delicious with the pretty and this year, we have focused on flowers. Not the fragrant one from the garden but the yummy ones….out of the oven and lovingly decorated.

Here is our selection for 2014:

From poppies to roses and lilac, from Lily of the Valley to forsythia and lavender, we had a blast observing Nature and reproducing edible versions of its beautiful creations!

IMG_6661 IMG_6662 IMG_6663 IMG_6675 IMG_6674 IMG_6339

See more of the last picture here


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