“Canneles” have their own store!

Just like so many other diminutive desserts (think macarons and mini cupcakes) canneles (we spell them with 2 “n” but one is also acceptable) now have a store where you can indulge. Formerly available only on her website, Canele by Celine, these sweet and savory fluted cakes, originally from the French region of Bordeaux, are now sold in NYC in a specialized boutique. You can read about it in the New-York Times too and see how Celine agrees with us: “I noticed how there is a trend for minis in New-York”

It’s always so exciting for us at SWEETTABLESCAPES to discover that yet another French pastry has made it! Canneles are soft on the inside and crunchy and caramelized on the outside, have a very pretty shape and are really delicious. If you walk along 82nd street, stop at 400 East and try some!!

If you feel like trying at home, you will need a special mold. Ideally and for optimum heat distribution, it is made of copper but since the cost is high, we bought silicone ones. The result is still quite good!

Find our recipe here



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