Wedding “Sweet Departure Table”

At the end of all very special events and parties and particularly weddings, hosts do tend to give one extra little something to their guests. Whether it be a food truck waiting outside the venue to hand out donuts or ice-cream or even pizza (depending on the occasion) or a special favor on the way out, it is a very nice final touch that says “thank you for coming” better than words.

SWEETTABLESCAPES recently created a “Sweet Departure Table” for a wedding at the Rockleigh in NJ . Guests leaving the celebration, were able to fill bags with a selection of tiny desserts and candy.

The display colors were ivory and gold with a touch of navy and the treats included miniature meringues, XOXO brownies, small financiers, chocolate dipped pretzels and marshmallows as well as personalized mini sugar cookies and a wide selection of shortbreads.

Here are some pictures of this table:


IMG_5102                IMG_5119IMG_5118IMG_5117IMG_5116IMG_5115IMG_5109IMG_5110IMG_5102IMG_5103IMG_5107IMG_5112IMG_5108


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