How to create a beautiful dessert display…

The holidays are a prime time for entertaining and hosting friends and family. It is also a time when we want everything to look extra special and festive. When preparing a buffet table (and that is true for any meal, not just dessert!!!) you want your guests to eat with their eyes first. That initial reaction in front of a beautiful food display will make the enjoyment of food even deeper. We are all sensitive to beauty and the presentation of food is yet another area where visual appeal is fundamental!

modern-servewareHere is a modern, silver tray that will make a statement (

To that effect, SWEETTABLESCAPES is always on the lookout for ways to present food in the most attractive way. We’ve been collecting a few more pictures of beautiful serving pieces, but first:

Here are some of our tips for designing a beautiful buffet for any occasion:


The type of event, season, location and overall vibe you want to project will help you determine the style of your party and subsequently your dessert table. Whether it be a colorful carnival-themed birthday party or an elegant anniversary, a romantic engagement, a feminine bridal shower or a wedding, you want to express your personality and your event will reflect yourself, your style and your creativity.

1)  Design: This is where you will let your inspiration and creativity speak. Based on your theme or simply the type of event, you will determine the overall look you want to achieve: do you want something simply fun or elegant, vintage maybe? Do you want a destination you love, an activity you enjoy or simply nature to be your inspiration? Your taste and personality should dictate your choices and help you determine the following elements of your table.

2)  Colors: These will be the colors introduced in your invitation and the overall décor of your event. Stick with two or three and pick a tablecloth (solid will let all your desserts take center stage) as a canvas, add a backdrop if the space behind your table is too unattractive and have all your desserts made in these same hues.

3)  Table: A tablecloth that goes all the way to the floor will be much more sleek and elegant. You will then have to choose all your platters, cake stands, trays and jars to fit your color scheme and theme. Try having a variety of shapes and heights (you can easily make risers with fabric-covered styrofoam blocks or even cardboard boxes) to create visual interest. Choose wood cake stands for a natural look or crystal for an elegant vibe.

4)  Desserts: The sweets you select are the most important part of your dessert table and must offer a variety of flavors, shapes and textures to satisfy everyone’s taste. A centerpiece cake is always a striking feature but not a necessity; cupcake towers can also create a stunning accent. Cookies, brownies, cake pops, tartlets, candy, parfaits and all miniature desserts can be integrated. Try to keep everything in the “two-bites-and-you’re-done” category. Treat these sweets as finger food: easy to handle and too small to feel guilty about!!You might want to have mini pumpkin pies, small caramel apples, spiced cupcakes and apple-cider shots for a fall event or lemon-poppyseed petits-fours , pastel-colored cake pops, white-chocolate covered oreos and monogrammed cookies for a spring celebration. Don’t forget fruit as a colorful and refreshing extra for all your calorie-conscious guests!

Candy is a great addition to any table to add touches of color and fill small spaces but it can also become the main event as the ever-so-popular candy bar. In this case, use apothecary jars and bowls in all shapes and sizes, provide lots of spoons and cellophane bags and let your guests rediscover their inner child.

Of course, the holidays allow you to bring other elements and maybe a bit more sparkle than usual. That’s the fun of it! So enjoy creating a gorgeous buffet table and see you guests hooing and haaing. They will also realize how much you devoted to making your event extra special for them!!

5)  Finishing Touches: Remember that attention is in the details and to make your dessert table the memorable denouement your guests will not soon forget, try to integrate labels for each of the desserts. Ribbons on jars and spoons always look festive and flowers are most certainly a welcome addition to any table, adding an organic and natural feel to the design.

As a final piece of advice, I would like to recommend creating your dessert table in a separate corner or special space so that you can enjoy the “reveal” when dessert time comes. You’ll be thrilled to see the joy on your guest’s faces when they discover a beautiful, stylish table covered with sweets!!

Keep in mind that this dessert table is the ending to your party and the final impression you’ll leave your guests. Everyone loves sweets, the indulgence of multiple choices and the sheer beauty of a lavish and tasty spread. Make sure it is the perfect reflection of you!!

Now, lets’ look at a few serving pieces:

Anthropologie: these have a beautiful green/blue sheen

Anthropologie's trio of cake stands
Anthropologie’s trio of cake stands

If budget is not an issue, how about the Pampaloni Snake Plate, available at Barney’s..?f4defed641d8d3294d45bc0359c491eb_bestor the Swizzle Footed Cake  Stand at One King’s Lane

Product_MAR01241_Image_1How about an elegant wooden tray?..Barclay Pine at

945BASTLG-PNThese classic, white, elegant Victorian Compote bowls from Roses and  can be used year-round:La-PatisseriesmallAnd for a glamorous touch of gold, don’t even hesitate to get this inexpensive, yet oh-so-festive bowl at

It comes in 2 sizes!

pinch-large-bowlHave fun with your special pieces at the back of the dining room cabinet, pull out the seldom used china and have fun creating a beautiful display!



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