Thanksgiving-Hannukah Minis

If you’re Jewish or have any Jewish friends, you’re well aware by now that 2013 will see a very unusual overlap of the holidays. For the first time in 125 years and not for another VERY long time, Thanksgiving will also be the second night of Hannukah. Forget the stuffing and prepare the latkes!!!

But what about dessert?

At SWEETTABLESCAPES, we’ve simply updated our classics with a twist of color:

Our turkey Sugar cookies come in both seasonal Thanksgiving earth tones AND traditional blue and white Hannukah colors: they are perfect as an additional and colorful treat on your dessert spread, as placecards or as a little something sweet to give your guests when they leave:

Gobble Gobble Hannukah!!
Gobble Gobble Hannukah!!

Our Minis got the same treatment with the classic Thanksgiving and Hannukah mix as well as a combo of the two!!

How cute are those?

Happy Hannukah!
Happy Hannukah!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Everything!
Happy Everything!
SWEETTABLESCAPES wishes you a sweet holiday!

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