NY Fancy Food Show: a delight for the eye and tastebuds!

SWEETTABLESCAPES had the pleasure of visiting the Fancy Food Show last week, as a guest of our good friends at Leonidas Chocolates.

Hundreds of booths on three levels offer all sorts of “fancy foods” from cheese to salami, from olive oil to beautiful packaging and of course lots and lots of confections: chocolate is a front runner but also candy, marshmallows, macarons, popcorn and many others. Needless to say, it was a treat and we are just sharing a small sample of our favorite finds:

Melville Candy: if you’re looking for colorful and themed candy for your next party, look no further. They have every shape and color under the sun.


Paris Gourmet is a provider to all the best bakeries and offers chocolate glaze, nibs, powder and perfect vanilla beans as well as lots of other baking ingredients!!


We enjoyed tasting the delicious Baru chocolate (they import the famous Cote d’Or bars) with the most adorable packaging…:


IMG_3725 IMG_3714

as well as the yummy marshmallows and macarons at Sucre, based in New OrleansIMG_3716Candy is usually as sweet as it it pretty and we found these two companies with adorable packaging:

Kizandy mints come in many flavors, including a tea that is their exclusive creation, and kissable lip color!!


We spent some time in the French section of the show of course, and discovered the lovely “Bonte” (it means “goodness” in French) who sell mini heart-shaped candy in precious little tin boxes. Perfect for a wedding favor!!



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