Perfume Bottle Cookies

About to visit a friend who works for a luxury brand company (and represents many different perfumes) SWEETTABLESCAPES decided to bring a little goodie bag filled with edible…..perfume bottles!

Perfume is a very special item on any woman’s vanity table and girls grow up sniffing Mom’s beautiful crystal bottles and finally choosing one as their own. That special, personal, intimate fragrance that becomes our signature “smell”.

I know that certain perfumes will forever remind me of my Mom who had a couple of favorites (Opium (YSL) and L’Air du Temps (Nina Ricci) and I that I always am frustrated by my husband’s allergies which make him sneeze at the slightest hint of a fragrance on my neck. I wear perfume during the day and it usually dissipates by the time he’s home….thank God!!

So, it was quite a pleasure to make those:

IMG_3385 IMG_3377 IMG_3378 IMG_3379 IMG_3380     IMG_3386


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