Cupcakes with Fondant Monogram

SWEETTABLESCAPES just completed an order of cupcakes topped with a monogrammed fondant disk.

We’ve already shared some of our creations here and wanted to share more of this fun process in this post.

First, we rolled out our white fondant to about 1/8 of an inch thick.


Then, we cut our disks with a scalloped round cookie cutter (you could certainly use a square to make it more interesting)


Then we press a clean stamp – here a fancy script letter “A”- into the fondant.




IMG_2648After that, you can simply let it dry for a couple of days so it hardens a bit, but to make it really stand out, the letter “A” needs some highlighting. Here, our client wanted gold on gold. So we first painted the entire disk with a mixture of  gold luster dust diluted in a bit of vodka (or lemon extract; you just want the alcohol level to be high so it evaporates quickly, dries and leaves the gold tint behind.)



Then came a more labor intensive process with the actual highlighting of the letter “A”. You can use “gold highlighter” a ready-to-use (when diluted with a bit of lemon extract) “edible” paint.

You can apply it into the groove of the letter with a very fine brush. But here, our client wanted the extra shiny look of disco dust  so that’s what Sweettablescapes used. For this, you need to mix an equal amount of water and meringue powder, apply it into the groove of the letter and quickly  but sparingly sprinkle some disco dust onto the letter.





IMG_2669Make sure you use a paper coffee filter to catch the excess disco dust. It looks messy at first with some extra dust stuck all around your design… Let it dry for a bit and use a clean brush to sweep off the excess dust on the fondant disk, so the letter really stands out. This is a tedious process that requires patience and most of all the ability to resist the temptation of blowing the extra dust off….if you don’t want to be covered in it yourself, that is!!! This stuff is so minute and fine, it will get onto everything. It is also costly and you want to save all the excess for later use.

Once you have applied your disco dust, the result is quite impressive!!!

Messy  before brushing off excess dust...
Messy before brushing off excess dust…
Neat and clean after cleaning excess off...
Neat and clean after cleaning excess off…


Bake your cupcakes, cover them with some buttercream and stick fondant disk onto buttercream. Voila!!

IMG_2642 IMG_2641

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