Rallye des Gazelles: when women drive across the desert for fun, it’s reason enough for a cookie…or two!

Have you heard of the Rallye des Gazelles? (March 15th  to 30th, 2013)


SWEETTABLESCAPES  hadn’t either until someone we know participated…This race challenges women-only teams to reach their destination not as fast as they can but with the least possible mileage…They use motorcycles or 4WD trucks to drive across the desrt with only thei navigation skills; no GPS, no cell phones..just good old-fashioned maps!!

Encouragement is welcome and we felt like sending more than a few words; so of course, with our lack of originality, we decided to….yes, you guessed it! bake! haha, here are the Rallye cookies!!!

We did not send them to Morocco…just a picture. But you know what they say; a picture is worth a thousand words!!!

You go gazelles!!!

IMG_2481 IMG_2482

We are cheering for team 107
We are cheering for team 107

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