“OZ” revisited…special cookies for a special movie!

If like most of us, you have enjoyed Dorothy’s adventures over and over again, you will probably want to discover what the Disney prequel  Oz the Great and Powerful is all about.

” The Wizard of Oz” musical is ranked as the most-watched film in history by the Library of Congress and no movie studio would have the nerve to remake this beloved 1939 movie. Disney is taking an enormous gamble and spent about $325 million to make and market this prequel…On Friday, audiences will get a chance to see for themselves…

No ruby slippers in this film (the copyrights belong to Warner Brothers who owns “The Wizard of Oz” ) but some familiar images not covered by the copyrights will be seen : the hot air balloon, Glinda’s flying bubble for example.

So SWEETTABLESCAPES could not help but create these Oz Minis to celebrate the release of this homage to one of the best movies!! Instead of popcorn…have a cookie!

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