Oscar Night: and the cookie goes to….

I am not a fan of award shows but I must admit that the Oscars hold a very special place in my heart. Growing up with a “movie-buff” mom, I never missed the “Cesars” , the French equivalent to America’s big show and after moving here, I had the luck of being able to watch the Oscars live, every year.

So that special night sees me glued to the screen from red-carpet arrivals to final Best Movie nod. I relish it, love it and enjoy it even more now that my girls are dissecting the fashion choices of all these movie stars and keeping me company watching all the gorgeous people.

Since I’ll never have to make an Oscar speech, I bake instead; Good old Oscar is a must every year in SWEETTABLESCAPE’S kitchen and his golden shine and muscular silhouette add to the excitement of the night. And who says you can’t have your Oscar and eat it too?!!IMG_1944

So here he is, in all his glory!! The extreme gold finish is obtained with “disco dust”: much more visual impact than the simple luster dust we used here

Have fun Sunday night with ABC’s coverage and refresh your “nomination” memory here.


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