An unusual “Cookie-Cake” or how to have your cake and eat your cookie too!!

Our client is a fan of our iced sugar cookies and her daughter wanted a mountain of cookies for her BatMitzvah celebration…BUT it had to look like a cake.

So SWEETTABLESCAPES created a mock styrofoam cake to be “tiled” with cookies.  You can find ready-made styrofoam cake shapes at Sugarcraft but  we built our own with styrofoam pieces found at Michaels. The styrofoam was first covered in stiff royal icing to prevent foam particles to attach to the cookies and to provide a clean surface to attach the cookies to…with more royal icing.

IMG_1875 IMG_1902

The color chosen for the background is teal, so our cookies are all iced in teal RI before details come on later.

Since more cookies are needed than the cake will require, we have a extra pile with a simple “S” monogram decoration…


The iced cookies are “glued” to the iced styrofoam shape with extra RI; looks like this..

IMG_1935IMG_1934Finally the structure is decorated so it looks even more like a cake…

IMG_1947IMG_1946TA DA!!! Not your everyday cake but definitely fun!!!


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