Holiday Cookies: the more the merrier!

We can all agree that the holiday season is a period of indulgence and  “gourmandise”. Great pleasure is found in food but even more so because we are sharing it with dear friends, family, co-workers and whoever is stopping by that day!

At SWEETTABLESCAPES, we believe that strength is in numbers, that joy is in abundance and that the more choice you give, the happier people are. We’ll never say it enough: the more the merrier. Without sacrificing one ounce of quality, we also love quantity and there is nothing quite like a dessert buffet with dozens of different cookies, in all shapes, colors and flavors.

That’s why each holiday season, we spend countless hours baking more and more cookies. Amongst the favorites are our Lavender Shortbreads and Neapolitans Cookies, but every year, new and  creative, old and traditional recipes make it into the repertoire and it is impossible to abandon the old ones;


so the selection grows and we often give away baskets filled with 15 or 20 different kinds of cookies. A feast to the eye when opened, it quickly becomes a mere feast for the tastebuds: cardamom here, pecan there, fruit filling and chocolate glaze, everyone has a favorite!

We hope you’ll all enjoy a very happy holiday season and that you’ll bake a least one delicious batch of cookies; if only for the incomparable smell coming out of the oven!

With so little time to share recipes, at least, we’ll share some pics of our latest production…



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