Serving dessert? : use special pieces for the holidays…

At SWEETTABLESCAPES, looking at dessert is almost as important as eating it. That’s why we are always looking for beautiful ways of presenting our sweets. We just wanted to share our favorite sources for serving pieces….

Viva Terra‘s Porcelain and Walnut Bowls are SO beautiful, original and a perfect mix of sculptural and rustic…

Etsy is a wonderful place to look for special or handmade cake stands…

If your budget allows, Jurliska makes stunning-looking pieces.

For a brightening splash of color and no added height, these platters from Kartell will definitely add visual impact to your table!!

More color with these cake stands from A+R store:


Shabby chic is sometimes required…These cakes stands from Fancy Flours will do the job on your vintage table!



Don’t forget that we first eat with our eyes and that the first look at your dessert buffet will engage all your guests’ senses and make them enjoy their treats even more…


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