Push Pops, a trend to follow

SWEETTABLESCAPES is always on the look out for fun new desserts. Push pops are certainly not new but the way they’ve been put to use lately is innovative and truly attractive. We are not limited to melting, sugary goo dripping down our kids sticky hands anymore!!!

What we really like is again and again, the miniature “packaging”, easily-carried-around little plastic cylinder pop that can filled with pretty much anything. Searching the web will give you a plethora of ideas more colorful and attractive than the next.

Rainbow Push Pops from Hostess with the Mostess blog
The Decorated Cookie version of Push Pops
Peep Push Pops from Love from the Oven

For even more inspiration, look no further than this wonderful book: “Push Up Pops” by Courtney Dial Whitmore;  It is loaded with recipes, decorating tips and amazing photography!

Once SWEETTABLESCAPES got a hold of it, there was nothing left to do but experiment and have fun!!

Chocolate Double
Watermelon Pops
Patriotic Pops

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