Cookie Decorating: stamping

May 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

When you want an intricate design on a cookie but are not an artist, one great way to create it is to use a stamp. Unless you own an edible-ink printer, this is another way to print edible paper (also known as rice paper) using any store-bought rubber stamp. Just apply food coloring gel onto the stamp with a fine brush and print onto the glossy side of your rice paper (that side is smoother and more receptive to the “ink”). Cut the area with a shaped puncher or scissors and apply onto your very dry iced-cookies. The paper just requires a bit of corn syrup to stick. Reverse your cookie so the paper is held flat and in place. Wait a bit and…voila!!

This is so easy and the results look impressive. If you own a nice collection of stamps, as SWEETTABLESCAPES does, you can make cookies for pretty much any occasion or theme party!!

Summer Scene for Beach Party…

Colorful Flowers for a Shower…

A mini “Flag” stamp for a patriotic theme…

Clowns…Circus Party, anyone??


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