Kindergarten Graduation Dessert Table

Is there anything cuter than Kindergartners graduating and looking forward to being BIG First Graders?

For this momentous occasion, SWEETTABLESCAPES created a very colorful and fun table. The circles in the backdrop are reproduced on the table with the card holders, the round rice krispie treats, the cake pops (a kids’ favorite!) and the whoopie pies. Custom mini chocolate bars are wrapped in paper that matches the backdrop and can be eaten right away or taken home as favors, just like the candy-filled alphabet cube boxes in the background!

ABC 123 appears in wooden letters in the decor as well as on top of the cupcakes. The tower is a nice central focal point while the beautiful flower topiaries (by Adam Leffel Productions) re-introduce the circular shape and the backdrop colors.

The neon green tablecloth and flower vases add a very current and trendy punch of color as do the mini bowls of candy! Looks like the graduate deserves an A+

Photography by Joseph Pessar.

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