Cinco de Mayo: candy, cookies!

We found a wonderful looking recipe in “Family Fun” magazine and couldn’t wait to duplicate.

If May 5th means you’ll be having some south of the border celebration, these “Candy Chili Poppers” should be very popular with kids. Needless to say that if you had a few “matching” cookies, the menu will be even better…








SWEETTABLESCAPES used some basic Kraft caramels. Take three and soften them in your microwave for a few seconds. Mold them into the shape of a chili pepper and stick a pretzel into the caramel. Let them cool.

Melt some red candy wafers and dip peppers into melted candy, using pretzel as handle. Tap off excess and lay them on parchment paper to set.

When they have hardened, break off each pretzel stem so it’s a half inch long. Melt green candy wafers and dip stems. Let them set.


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