Mother’s Day Sweet Treats to say I LOVE YOU!

The end of the school year seems to be bringing so many celebrations: from showers to graduations, from spring birthdays to garden parties, it is a whirlwind of special occasions; but the one dear to everyone’s heart is certainly Mother’s Day.

On this day, every year, we get to say I love you a little louder than usual and show our moms how much they really, really mean to us always…

Here at SWEETTABLESCAPES, every year brings a frenzy of baking special treats for the occasion.

Packed in cute containers :

You can choose from many options: our usual selection includes

– our signature chocolate-dipped marshmallows $1 each

– caramels $1 each

– cookies by the pound (selection of shortbreads) $14/lb

-beautiful sugar cookies : intricate design 2-piece heart $4.75

– beautiful 2-piece heart, simple design $3.00

Don’t forget to order in time for May 13!! email us at or call (347)852-0995


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