May Day: Lily of the Valley Cookies

In France, May 1st is a national holiday, our official Labor Day, but it is also Lily of the Valley Day. No true connection between labor related demands and this cute bell-shaped flower!

It is said that giving a sprig of lily of the valley goes back to the Renaissance when King Charles IX received one on May 1st and started the tradition. What is most certainly true is that May 1st was also the Day of Love when noblemen would make crowns out of branches and flowers and deliver them to their sweetheart..

The lily of the valley blooms in May and is said to bring good luck and happiness so it is a perfect offering to a loved one or even friends. On May 1st in France, you’ll see the flower everywhere and florists have a very large supply. We even send card and lots of good wishes..

However, do not forget that it is a very toxic plant and that the flower, the leaves, the fruit or even the water from the vase should not be in contact with the mouth!

Let’s just appreciate the pretty flowers, the sweet traditions and to be perfectly safe, some delicious and beautiful lily of the valley cookies.

SWEETTABLESCAPES was inspired by the adorable creations found on Haniela’s blog and pretty much copied them.

They came out sooo pretty.



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