Earth Day Cookies… and some babbling about shopping bags!!

A great basket from Provence.

We truly wish it were Earth Day everyday at SWEETTABLESCAPES. Being green and environmentally conscious must be a daily concern for all of us… See how you can help here! and don’t forget this year’s Earth Day on April 22.

I don’t know about you but I find myself increasingly frustrated when in line at the supermarket and customers use these cheap plastic bags that rip so easily or DOUBLE bag with paper AND plastic on top!

France stopped offering bags years ago and people very quickly got used to bringing their own or having to pay for bags in the store! The US is on its way and lots of people bring their own but still far from enough!! Sorry… it’s my pet peeve!!

Look at my collection of grocery shopping bags:

"Je n'aime pas poireauter" = I don't like to wait. In French slang, poireau(leek)ter means to wait impatiently.
"Je n'aime pas poireauter" = I don't like to wait. In French slang, poireau(leek)ter means "to wait impatiently"
Good old Whole Foods bag!!
Back...or vice versa!
and finally the stylish "I'm not a plastic bag" from a few years back,

When all the shopping is done though, we get straight to baking these sweet reminders of how we must take care of our beautiful blue planet. Help the Earth and eat it too! These could certainly be sold at a bake sale to support the environment.

First we got a nice print out of our planet…

Printed our planet...

Then we traced the continents with melted candy (over wax paper)

With wax paper over the print, we trace the continents

Let harden for  a few minutes in the fridge. Prepare some blue icing and spread onto round sugar cookies. Before it sets, drop continents in place…

The continents are in place!

Mini version with very loose interpretation of continents!!!

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