EAsy EAster trEAts and Projects

New Year’s was just last month..or was it? and now Easter is upon us!!??

For the procrastinator in all of us, there is always a need for these easy, quick but still cute desserts that everyone will remember, especially our children.

So here at SWEETTABLECAPES we have no shame in admitting that an embellished store-bought cake, cupcake, brownie, etc…can still satisfy everyone. You DO NOT need to make everything from scratch to achieve a beautiful and appetizing result. For example:

Take ready made brownie mix, bake as per directions, slice and decorate with these adorable Wilton sugar bunnies. We found ours at Michaels. TaDa!!

Acquire some ready-made fondant or if you have a bit of time, make your own. It’s really not that difficult. See how here. Buy some yummy  cupcakes at your grocery store (if they’re carrot cake, even better). Roll a few mini carrots and place them on your cupcakes. Re TaDa!!

We also made some Mini Spice Cakes recently and realized they could be turned into the cutest nests. A few chocolate eggs are all that’s needed!

For a real Spring touch, you must put flowers on the table!! But there is no need to break the bank. If you don’t want a huge bouquet, why not sprinkle your table with mini home-made arrangements? You’ll need a minimal amount of flowers and the impact will still be adorable. Take out your collection of egg cups and fill them with half-broken egg shells; a spoonful of water, a mix of pastel blooms and  Voila!!


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