Valentine’s Day Treats for everyone

After Halloween, Valentine’s Day is another favorite at SWEETTABLESCAPES. When else can you share chocolate, cookies and all delicious treats while at the same time expressing such love and affection?

February 14 was chosen by Pope Gelasius I to commemorate the martyrdom of  Saint Valentine. A Roman priest, he used to perform secret Christian weddings, many for soldiers who were forbidden to marry at the time. Little did he know that his mission  would bring on this wildly romantic  celebration for some, that simple expression of tender affection for others and a sweet symbol of friendship for everyone else….

Here at SWEETTABLESCAPES, we are excited to offer many different options to send some sweet tokens of love to everyone on your list.

From your better-half to your child, from your grandmother to a student away at college, from a beloved teacher to a dear friend, you can mix and match our confections and create a customized package that will delight the recipient. As small or as elaborate as you wish, create your very own selection from our many options below.

Quantities offered here are a minimum order but can, of course, be adjusted for a larger package. (click on pictures for larger version)

Sugar cookies mini pack (perfect for a teacher or as a favor) : $5 ( 1 large iced sugar cookies and 3 small)

1 large, 3 small sugar cookies

Callebaud-dipped (Belgian chocolate) hand-made marshmallows : $6 ( 6 pieces)

6 large marshmallows dipped in Belgian chocolate

Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels : $6 ( 6 pieces)

Cookie Sampler : $14 (1 pound) selection may vary but usually includes : chocolate, pecan, lemon, coffee and our signature lavender shortbreads, snickerdoodles, ginger snaps, peanut butter cookies, etc…

Chocolate Chip Cookies with a touch of sea salt:  1/2 lb bag  $10 (about 5 cookies)

Also available are :

Cake Pops: $8 (4 pieces)

Cupcakes: $1.50 (each, regular size, many flavors)

All these come packaged in cellophane bags with ribbon and beautiful handmade label. We can also make a basket with several of these items for a larger gift. Basket is additional.

Inquire about our shipping options and fun packaging…

Choose from many attractive packaging options

There is nothing like receiving a lovely basket filled with goodies and SWEETTABLESCAPES will create the perfect one for you!!

e-mail us at or call (347)852-0995 to place an order


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