Snowflake Holiday Tablescape

Here is a table SWEETTABLESCAPES just created for a Holiday event at the Lindgren School in  Closter NJ. It is a preschool cherished by parents where children learn through free play and a lot of nature-oriented activities . The school grounds include a large wooded area, a garden, a chicken coop and even pony rides. Children are constantly enjoying  the outdoors, animals and many hands-on activities.

For that reason, we created a very organic display which integrated our Edible Advent Calendar in our “tree” made of spray-painted branches and displayed an array of sweets in the chosen color palette. Lots of snowflakes evoke the season and decorate the various elements : sugar cookies in the shape of snowflakes, cupcakes with snowflake fondant toppers, etc…

Silver and turquoise with light purple accents make for a “cold” color palette reminiscent of the season and the matching treats create a tempting display!! We offered Madeleines, Popcorn, Cupcakes and beautifully decorated Sugar Cookies!

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