Mikasa Tablescape: a dinner party to remember!

When MIKASA “invited” us to their “Great Dinner Party” and asked us to create a beautiful tablescape using their dishes, inspiration came quite easily. This Garden Palette by Mikasa was all SWEETTABLESCAPES needed to start the design process for a dessert buffet to remember. The flowers stand out on the crisp white background and bring in a rich and deep crimson as well as a touch of lavender and coral. Needless to say, we had our work cut out when time came to create  a bouquet to match. Color is always the main event on a table but it mustn’t take away from the food (here the desserts) to be served. Without sounding to fancy, the table, the linen, the backdrop and the serving pieces are the canvas on which your desserts will be placed. They must complement and work with each other, so that the overall tablescape appears as a cohesive whole. It is especially true for us at SWEETTABLESCAPES where it is essential that we create the “wow factor” which will get every guest excited when the table is revealed at the end of the party.

Most of the time, the season will guide your choice of a palette that will at once express your style, show your personality, create the mood and help in the  selection of desserts to match.

The style of the dishes is also an element that counts. Here we have two magnificent crystal cake stands with a deep vermilion border which is reflected in the red flowers of the platters. This traditional, floral pattern steers us in the direction of a traditional and classic look for the table. Crisp white, soft flowers and crystal are perfect for any party but add a real elegance that can be welcome during the holidays!!

Our dessert table could  easily honor a special guest, celebrate a milestone birthday, be the denouement to a Thanksgiving dinner or even to an end-of-year celebration.

Once the serving pieces were selected and positioned in an attractive and balanced way on the table, we decided to add flowers. Even though they don’t always appear on our tables, they truly add much glamour and elegance and we try to incorporate them as often as possible. If you want to use your favorite florist, go for it, but you can also make a simple arrangement yourself. Use the colors of your table in your bouquet and position it as the centerpiece for impact or distribute smaller compositions on the table as little organic splashes of color! Here we used a dramatic and tall arrangement which adds a nice vertical element to the table and we filled the vase with cranberries as a fun and seasonal touch.

Finally, SWEETTABLESCAPES selects a variety of desserts that will offer different flavors, shapes, textures and visual appeal. We also emphasize smaller portions; our petite, bite-size treats make for an appetizing display and give everyone the pleasure of sampling many different desserts without the guilt. It truly is quite exciting for everyone to be given lots of choices. Here, we immediately went for cranberries which are both a rich and deep red but also very much seasonal. Try these recipes!! First we chose Cranberry Roll Up Cookies,

Cranberry Roll-Up Cookies

then we added some simple Red Velvet Cupcakes but made  them stand out with an impressive and glamorous caramel topping.

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Caramel topping

Some sugar cookies were created to match the flowers on the china

Flower sugar cookies reminiscent of the platter's design

Chocolate Cups filled with fresh raspberries ( with the lovely accent of some Bonbon Flowers red roses)

Raspberry Chocolate Cups with some bonbon flowers filled with Almond Coconut truffles

and Cranberry Clafoutis were added.

Cranberry Calfoutis

Finally some candy

A selection of red and white candy adds a pop of color

and cranberry juice glasses

Cranberry juice with fun straws to sip with!

completed the dessert buffet.

Don’t forget to position signage for each dessert so that guests are not kept guessing at what they’re tasting! (here, we copied the platter’s design onto the label)

Whether you prepare everything from scratch, buy it all at your local supermarket (there is often quite a selection of goodies there and you can dramatically cut the cost of your buffet) or use a caterer for you event (or if you mix a little of both to make it a bit easier) you can easily adapt your menu and find a few recipes that will bring the touch of color you’re looking for. Don’t forget candy on your dessert display; it is the easiest way to bring in those colorful accents that will please every guest, young and old!

In conclusion, a beautiful tablescape starts with an attractive selection of serving pieces arranged tastefully on a table. Even if you’re not a cook or a baker, remember that “presentation is everything” and that even store-bought fare will satisfy your guests if you took the time and made the effort of setting up a beautiful table for them.

This is what we do here at SWEETTABLESCAPES with every dessert buffet we design. Every detail counts and the final product is a table that makes everyone squeal with delight. Because, after all, dessert time is something we can all agree on!!

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To celebrate the re-launch of their website Mikasa is offering our readers the beautiful crystal cake stand we used on our table as a giveaway.  For the month of December “like” Mikasa on their Facebook page and get a chance to win the cake stand. It will be the perfect addition to your holiday table!! Good luck!


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