Tiny treats are the hot new thing!!

As we have long known here at SWEETTABLESCAPES, there is nothing like a dessert table covered with small, bite-size desserts. The selection, the visual appeal and the absence of too much guilt (after all you’re eating just one or two bites!!) makes for a wonderful finale to a special event.

So we are delighted to read this article in today’s New York Times’ Dining Section.

It is now official. The “Small Wonders” are the hot new thing, and why not we ask? Some very interesting points are made in the article :

“Smaller treats give people license to eat it all, which is a very powerful thing….Psychologically, it’s exciting and comforting” says Dr Wansink, director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab.

“Universally, small things evoke childhood and imply abundance: the sight of six tiny chocolate bars makes us happier than one giant chocolate bar, says Ingrid Fetell, a design writer, simply because there are more of them.”

And finally, let’s not forget that “mini sweets are usually colorful, which Fetell says, our lizard brains associate with pleasure.” “Sweet things in the wild tend to have colors that are bright, like a deep red or yellow; that’s why the language of confectionery is really amped up and saturated”

We could not agree more and we actually mentioned this here, here and here.

Never underestimate the pleasure and satisfaction factor of even the smallest sweet treat. And if you are planning a dessert buffet, offer a wide selection of decadent, colorful and tasty yet calorie-controlled goodies.

Everyone will leave happy!!


MIgnardises in a French restaurant

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