Lyon: the Old City

So much to see in the Old City of Lyon! The St Jean Cathedral presides over the pedestrian streets and the narrow “traboules” (covered passages between streets which were used by silk merchants to carry silk without exposing it to the elements) while tourists and locals take in the sights and sweets!!

Apart from Violette et Berlingot which is on the other side of the river Saone in the Rue Merciere, our stroll through the Old City took us to Secrets d’Apiculteur , a honey mecca with a great selection of jams. We also stopped at St Jean Delices and Peches Gourmands.

Look at all these treats!!

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  1. Secrets d’Apiculteur was a great find! I’ve never seen so many different types of honey available in one store! They also had preservatives and jelly made with honey, cakes made with honey, beer made with honey, beeswax candles, mead, candy, even B’ee a soft drink made with honey and royal jelly! Great ambiance and a super nice shopkeeper. Open on Sundays and holidays!

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