LYON, a candy lover’s dream city!

September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Most cities or region in France have their specialties and own confections to discover. Lyon, capital of gastronomy, has no less than 3 very well-known sweet treats for tourists and locals to enjoy. The Voisin chocolate company created them all : First, the “Quenelle”, shaped like its food counterpart, is made of almonds, hazelnuts and sugar cooked together to create a praline and then covered in white chocolate; the second is the “Coussin” (the pillow) made of green marzipan stuffed with curacao-flavored chocolate ganache and finally the “Sarment du Beaujolais”. The symbol of the 3 rivers that flow through Lyon…the Saone, the Rhone and..the Beaujolais, this confection is made of chocolate shaped like a vine branch and filled with a Beaujolais liquor.

These are available everywhere in the city and make perfect souvenirs…

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You can also enjoy the more traditional “praline”( a cluster of roasted peanuts dipped in a red-colored sugar syrup/caramel.), the more recent creation of the “cork” a soft praline chocolate and the calissons (from Provence) and a multitude of other sweets.


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