Beaujolais…it’s not only wine

When I go back to my roots every year, it also means recapturing childhood memories. One of my very vivid summer memories is our wild-fruit- picking expeditions. From miniature wild strawberries (whose flavor will NEVER be equaled by even the best store-bought variety) to fresh blackberries ( buckets full if we were lucky and enough to make preserves) and walnuts and hazelnuts in the fall, there were so many to pick!  Between the pleasure of the search, the delight of eating them right there and then and the pride of bringing a full basket home, I try to re-experience this every year with my kids when we walk along the small country roads and paths of my childhood.

This year, we, once again were lucky to pick perfectly ripe blackberries. Strawberries were harder to come by in August but we found a few…

Wish SWEETTABLESCAPES could use those for some desserts…

Well, do not despair because as luck would have it, today(Aug 31, 2011), in the New-York Times Dining section, is a recipe for Blackberry Cobbler and the author reminisces about berries “collected by children on wild vines”. I had to update my two-day old post with this wonderful recipe.


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