We’re back…France is still beautiful AND sweet!!

Well, everything must come to an end and our trip to France is over.

But the pleasures of (re-)discovering all the secret and not- so -secret charms of this country will be with us for a long time: tons of pictures, the lingering taste of every delicious meal and dessert we enjoyed as well as lots of “sweet” souvenirs will help us return to our baking with renewed inspiration and enthusiasm.

Our trip took us from my natal city of Lyon and the neighboring Beaujolais hills to the Languedoc region and the magnificent medieval city of Carcassonne. The area offers multiple delicacies: “Cassoulet” being the most famous probably along with foie gras, all sorts of duck sausages, sheep cheeses, fresh fruit galettes, sunflower honey and delicious cookies.

In the next few weeks, we’ll share this on our blog with our usual emphasis on sweets and desserts.

But first , for a bit of fun and to get the tastebuds going…, some pictures of our favorite hyper-market where every product has a seemingly endless aisle of its own. Upon our return, each summer, we stroll along, trying to decide which of the 100 varieties of yogurt or cookies we’ll have that day…Take a look!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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