Bastille Day Treats

Soon after July 4th comes “Bastille Day” or, as the French call it “le 14 Juillet”.

If you want to go all out you can surely attend un “Bal du 14 juillet” in New-York or follow some of our advice in the interview SWEETTABLESCAPES gave to “The Record“, a local newspaper. You can celebrate easily with a traditional outdoor BBQ and add a game of “petanque” for good measure.

But here, it’s all about sweets and last year’s dessert table was very French indeed. This year, we have another set of patriotic goodies…

With a Blue, White and Red (the order the colors are enumerated in French, following the flag’s stripes), we have some cupcakes and some very French cookies. Not only will the Eiffel tower evoke France immediately but another well-known symbol for the country is the gallic rooster : Le Coq Francais.

Invite a few friends and shout “Cocorico!!” or “Vive la France!!”

Happy Bastille Day!

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