Tiny Treats

At SWEETTABLESCAPES, the look of desserts is as important as their taste and another fundamental factor on our tables is the diminutive size of most of our treats. Small equals cute and doubly tempting!!  Since you know that you’ll only have a bite-size dessert, you also know you can have more than one without any of the guilt and certainly without the multiple of 100 in calorie count!!!

That is why our tables offer tiny treats or “Petite Sweets”, “Bite-size desserts” and other “Sweet Miniatures” and “Dessert Canapes”. These books are absolutely gorgeous and will of course leave you salivating. We want to try every recipe each time we open one!!!

We  just raided the bookstore and can tell you that we could have spent another couple of hours in the baking section .

Petite Sweets by Beatrice Ojakanga

Dessert Canapes by Kim Hendrickson

Bite-Size Desserts by Carole Bloom

Sweet Miniatures by Flo Braker


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