Pretzel Cupcakes, Whoopie Pies and Marshmallows!!

SWEETTABLESCAPES is always on the lookout for interesting, different, unusual and flavor-rich recipes.

Cupcakes are a ubiquitous dessert now and if everyone loves the old standards, it’s always fun to try new combinations ! Here we tried to duplicate the “pretzel/chocolate tart” in a cupcake version. Crushed pretzels, sugar and butter at the bottom of the cup, baked 10 mn, topped with our regular chocolate cupcake batter, dipped in an unctuous chocolate ganache and topped with a mini pretzel . Looks great and doesn’t taste bad either.

For marshmallow lovers, if you ever tackle the EASY confection, you will never go back to the bland, rubbery store-bought version. Dip it in gourmet Callebaut Belgian chocolate, and you’ll be in heaven!!


Now, a good old north-eastern dessert buffet would not be complete without some whoopie-pies. Chocolate and marshmallow fluff, there is a cookie that will never get old!!


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