Today is the Epiphany

January 6th is the religious holiday of the Epiphany which celebrates the arrival of the three wise men (or Kings as we say in France) to Jesus’ manger, bearing their gifts of myrrh, gold and incense. But for us French people, it is yet another reason to eat. What? do you ask… the famous “Galette des Rois”of course!! , the galette of the kings, a scrumptuous confection made of light and airy pastry dough, filled with “frangipane” a mixture of ground almonds, sugar, butter and egg.

For the entire month of January (to make the pleasure last a bit) you can find these galettes in every boulangerie and patisserie. The galettes also contain a “feve” or small trinket hidden in the cake. Whoever finds the feve in their slice of galette becomes King or Queen for the day and gets to wear the paper crown which always accompanies the galette. Needless to say, children revel in the tradition. Here at SWEETTABLESCAPES we will be baking the galettes for the next 3 weeks and wishing all kings and queens a happy tasting!!

Here are some samples of the “feves” that can be found:

From the simple white plastic ones to the more elaborate Disney versions, these have become desirable collectibles and can be bought on specialized websites such as Faboland.

The finished product looks quite appetizing…

Our friends at La Promenade make a beautiful one too.


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