Holiday Cookies

We have now officially reached the height of Baking Season and SWEETTABLESCAPES kitchen is now permanently shrouded in a cloud of flour (or is it snow??). Walking around is like being in cookie heaven, the smell so sweet and delicious.

We are working on all the holiday staples (Gingerbread Men, Snickerdoodles) and adding our signature Lavender Shortbreads and Lime Meltaways. Then comes packing it all up in beautifully wrapped baskets and containers with colorful ribbons. Remember, we eat with our eyes first!!

A quick look at some of our selection:

From left to right : Stripe cookies (Chocolate and Orange Cookie Dough) Snowflake Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Heart Shortbreads, Snickerdoodle. Continuing with Pecan Shortbreads, Sugar Holly, Neapolitan Cookies (Chocolate with nuts and Orange Dough with cranberries), Gingerbread Men and Almond Cookies. They all taste as delicious as they look. E-mail us for recipes.


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