Autumn’s Glory

Just read this quote somewhere and wanted to share ; Benjamin Franklin once said:”Human felicity is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, (ever won the lottery anyone?)as by little advantages that occur everyday (got a spot near the entrance of the mall!!) Just kidding…or am I?. Like a lot of us out there, I tend to focus on the negative but today, I will count my blessings..and tomorrow too!!!

Just looking around me these days is enough to put a smile on my face !! Everywhere I go this time of year, I am greeted by nature’s bounty and beauty. Driving along the roads of the Northeast, trees offer a multitude of foliage and colors so glorious, they take my breath away.

Soon, the branches will be bare and the cold will really descend upon us, but until then, we have been blessed with a balmy Indian Summer …

Let’s just look around…


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