Is Candy good or evil?

Today, the Dining section of the New-York Times offers an interesting and timely article about candy.

For all of us out there who enjoy sweets, it offers the refreshing and candid (no pun intended) opinion of a doctor (not in medicine) who is now the Candy Professor on her blog. Read this article and you’ll see how sugar has been demonized even though, and I quote, it “provides only 6% of the added sugar in the American diet, while sweet drinks and juice supply 46%”. Is that not food (or sugar?) for thought? Is that not “sweet” to all our candy-loving ears?

Dr Kawash, author of the blog, says that “the fetishization of candy ingredients and the aestheticization of candy – like the color-coordinated candy landscapes now popular at weddings (and plenty of other parties, if I may say so myself)- are relatively new..”

Enters SWEETTABLESCAPES (drum rolls!!! please) and candy becomes truly aesthetic, tempting and delicious !!!


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